I’m not one of those people who came out of the womb writing. If anything, it took me a while to find my voice. I found reading very intimidating. I didn’t properly love books until I was 18, though my parents encouraged me greatly. Due to needless bullying at school, I often felt like I was too stupid to finish a book – and my subsequent anxiety diminished my ability to try.

I started to write screenplays when I was 15. I had fallen in love with a form of storytelling where I could use a different kind of tool that was more accessible – a camera. I learned everything there was to learn at a time when YouTube videos didn’t really exist in the way they do today. I made several short films and finally a feature film in 2013-2014 called 27, Memory Lane on a crowd-funded budget of £16,000.

27, Memory Lane (2014)

Frustrated with the limits of filmmaking (and funds to do it) I finally turned my pen to what I had been so afraid of – fiction. I was an avid reader by this point – and still am. The possibilities were endless. I studied with Curtis Brown Creative in London between 2014-2015 and was chosen as a mentee in the 2017 cohort of Pitch Wars, where I was signed by literary agent, Lauren Macleod at The Strothman Agency for my contemporary young adult novel, The Heart that Followed Me Home.