Tedx Chilliwack Audition

I am thrilled to have been chosen as one of the applicants who will be moving forward to the Tedx Chilliwack audition stage. I will be presenting at the audition showcase on Monday January 31, 2019 between 5pm – 7pm at Cottonwood Cinemas in Chilliwack, BC.

My talk, in line with this year’s subject of “on purpose”, is about how we can utilize technology and innovation to use iPads and stop-motion art therapy to help children recover from trauma, grief and loss. It’s a big topic, but I’m hoping to break it down for everyone so that we can bring art therapy into the 21st century and think about how it can play a role in how we continue to approach child development.

I’m very excited to a part of this showcase, and grateful to selection committee for giving me the chance.

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